2nd Advanced Course in Management of Disaster Victims.

2nd Advanced Course in

Management of Disaster Victims

October 28th- November 4th 2012

Kefallonia – Greece

The MSc Course “International Medicine / Health-Crisis Management” is offering a six-day intensive course in disaster management especially tailored for Health Care personnel.During this course, participants will have the opportunity to follow high-level seminars on health interventions in major disasters, while set scenarios under real conditions will give them the opportunity to develop essential skills through practical exercises:
· Search and Rescue operations
· Triage and Evacuation
· First Aid and Wound Care
· Treatment of Mass Casualties
· The Media in Disasters
· Post Traumatic Stress Care

The course is open to students of the 3rd semester of the MSc Course. A limited number of additional places are also available for medical doctors, nurses or medical staff with particular interest in Disaster Medicine.

For further information please contact: Secretariat of the MSc “Intenational Medicine – Health Crisis Management” Elena Themeli, Maria Episkopou 210 7461451 - elthe17@yahoo.fr


A course diploma will be awarded following examinations and all participants will be accredited with CME units.

Πιστοποιημενο Εκπαιδευτικο Κεντρο Πρωτων Βοηθειων.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Member of Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

Member of Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care
Since 2018

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